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Enjoy practicing yoga and meditation from the comfort of your own home without sacrificing the quality and connection you’re used to experiencing in the studio. breathe online provides access to certified yoga and meditation instructors, a variety of class styles, and a vibrant yoga community. All are welcome to join us for classes online and no prior experience is required!

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Get the Mindbody app to book with ease! If you've practiced at breathe before, please select "forgot password" so you can reset your password and sync your existing account. All live online classes are listed under our Pittsford location.


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Online Intro Offer - 2 Weeks for $15!

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The online only membership provides you with unlimited access to our on-demand audio class library and our live video classes taught via Zoom. This is our most flexible membership option! It’s just $49/month and you can cancel at any time simply by emailing us:

Please be aware that your membership will continue to auto-renew until you cancel it, and that there are no freezes, extensions, guest privileges, sharing or transfers of breathe online memberships.


About Our Classes

A yoga mat, towel, and water are the staples for any class at breathe. We recommend 1-2 yoga blocks (or anything block-like that could substitute for a yoga block) if possible. For Foundations and Restorative classes, gather a yoga strap (or strap substitute like an old tie or a tube sock), blankets, and bolsters/pillows if possible. Your instructor will help you at the beginning of class if you have any questions about props.

Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa is a style of yoga where the poses link together with breath to create a moving, energetic class. Open to students of all levels.

Power Vinyasa Basics

Geared towards the beginner student seeking to try Vinyasa yoga, this class is taught with clear verbal communication and introduction of modifications to teach the fundamentals of Power Vinyasa yoga. 


Foundations is open to any student at any level. In contrast to the Vinyasa classes where the poses link together to create movement or flow, this class dedicates more time to each particular pose and therefore moves at a slower pace.


Restorative Yoga is based on its root word "rest". The intention of this class is to use the support of bolsters, blankets, and blocks to give the effect of certain yoga poses - backbends, twists, forward folds - without using any muscle exertion. It is intended to be a slow, peaceful, and meditative practice.

Yin Yoga

Yin classes are a series of long, held, deep stretches aimed at creating flexibility in the connective tissue of the body. Yin classes are most effectively done with the support of props (blankets, bolsters, blocks) and are appropriate for any level of student. Yin is a great complement to Vinyasa, Foundations, or Restorative classes.


The benefits of meditation cannot be argued. All areas of life from your physical and emotional health, to the quality of your present life, to the way you age will all be impacted positively by regular meditation.

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