Meditation Teacher Training with davidji

This 7-week program begins April 19th, 2021. It consists of online live zoom lessons, audio lessons, and online digital lessons through our breath course dashboard. During the training, you will practice various meditation and breathing techniques to create higher states of consciousness. You will achieve greater knowledge and understanding of the most esteemed masters and their timeless teachings. You will learn the process of teaching others and share from a deeper realm.
The practice of meditation is becoming important in our society, with more people incorporating meditation into their daily routine. The benefits are endless. Become a certified teacher for yourself, share this gift with others, and have the knowledge and training to teach meditation.
Weeks 1-6:

  • 6 in-depth weekly lessons provided through our course dashboard. Work through each lesson at your own pace and go back through previous lessons if you need to. Every week a new lesson will open up. 
  • Lessons include in-depth training behind the science of meditation and the 8 Limbs
  • A reading list of ancient and modern texts provide a foundation for you as a teacher and practitioner. Highlights of the reading are woven into weekly lessons and immersion week.
  • Real-world teaching and sharing 
  • Core reading with group assignments and group interaction
  • Video and audio teachings per week
  • Webinars with davidji, Cyndi Weis, and your teachers-in-training
  • One-on-one zoom call with davidji
  • One-on-one zoom call with Cyndi Weis

Week 7 Online Virtual Training, June 2nd - 6th, 2021
The previous 6 weeks of training have prepared you for this final week of virtual training with davidji, Cyndi Weis and your fellow teachers-in-training. Set up your sanctuary at home and dive in...
Wednesday 7pm-9pm
Thursday - Saturday 9am-5:30pm (additional event sessions on select days until 9pm)
Sunday 9am-10am
Sunday Graduation 10am-11:30am
Webinar Dates for participants:
April 18th, 12pm ET
May 16th, 12pm ET
June 28th, 12pm ET
*These are approximately 2 hours each

Full tuition is $3,575 (payment plan available).  If you are interested in enrollment, please fill out the form on the right! Or, if you're ready to enroll you may pay your $750.00 non-refundable deposit by clicking here: BYMTT

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