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Opening breathe at home feels very different than when I opened breathe. When I opened breathe I took all of the things I love most and put them under one roof: yoga, healthy eating, specialty shopping and most of all, family. breathe was born out my original vision but over the years it has expanded in ways that I never could have anticipated. There were many years that breathe really was my home. It all started by bringing what I love most in my life to breathe and now it's become bringing most of what I love about breathe home. I thought at first it was about the things -- if I took home a candle or a crystal or a cashmere blanket I would be able to replicate that same feeling when I walk into my door that I experience when I walk into breathe. After many years I realized it wasn't the things at breathe that I wanted to take home with me it was the feeling. 

The pieces that we have collected and the items we are choosing to offer are all based on the "feeling" we have when we see them. The feeling you want to have when you go home is unique to you -- vibrancy, joy, peacefulness, comfort -- whatever it may be I am hoping something that we have to share can offer you that. 

Yoga has taught me that everything we do is connected. The food that we eat becomes our bones, our muscles and tissues, our energy and mood. Our thoughts become our realities and our realities become our lives. Our jobs, our relationships, our home life they are not separate entities but all a part of the whole. My home is an extension of who I am and when I walk in the door I want it to support my desire of how I want to feel. 

I invite you to stop in and experience breathe…at home. 

Store hours throu:
Monday - Saturday  10am-5pm
Closed Sundays

23 South Main Street in Pittsford
(585) 203-1582

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